We believe in reducing waste in the world, and we believe that creativity needs the right environment to flourish.  Everything we do is about making high quality, long-lasting, fun, useful, and engaging products and services that support creativity.  

One of our deepest core beliefs is that the products we make should be high quality and last a long time.  We never want our products to end up in the garbage.  Too many toys end up in a landfill.  Our goal is to create "Legacy Toys", not "Landfill Toys".  We want the Untwist to be handed down, and never discarded.

Not a Landfill Toy. A Legacy Toy.™

All of our materials can be recycled, but it is our hope that once you own an Untwist, that you will enjoy it forever.  We want the Untwist to keep its value and if you fall out of love with your Untwist, then please donate it to someone else.  We hope you will enjoy playing with an Untwist as much as we do!

The Untwist is designed and assembled by Todd in New York, USA.  It is unlike any other toy in the world.

I made this!  Seriously.  I designed and assembled every Untwist.  

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