Legacy Toy

Not a Landfill Toy. A Legacy Toy.™

Our goal for the Untwist is for it to be a Legacy Toy, not a Landfill Toy.  It should never end up in a landfill.

The Untwist v1 is engineered and manufactured to high quality standards, and should last a very long time.  We never want our products to end up in the garbage, especially after just a few hours of play.  Almost all of our materials can be recycled.  It is our greatest hope that once you own an Untwist, that you will enjoy it forever.  We want the Untwist to keep its value over time, and if you ever fall out of love, then please donate it to someone else.  

Seriously, we believe that there are too many Landfill Toys being produced in the world.  The Untwist is a strong, sturdy, and quality toy that will give you years of joy.