Our Bread and Butter.  With over 20 years of experience in the Media & Entertainment, Product Development, and IT Industries, we help our clients stay competitive by keeping up with the latest technological and industry trends.  Our services derive from face-to-face communications with industry developers, retailers, and manufacturers to find cost-effective and efficient solutions tailored to the individual needs of our clients. 


Untwist works on numerous R&D and Product Development projects.  We look at R&D from the perspective of bringing viable projects to the market, and consider big picture Business Model goals in the work that we do.  Even if it means the discovery of 1,000 ways that do not work, we believe that any investment in R&D should demonstrate value and offer a return on that investment. 


Untwist helps our clients implement business models, build production pipelines, and solve their production infrastructure needs. We do this based on a time-tested and production-proven methodology of Analysis, Research, Engineering, and Design.  Our goal is to allow artists and employees to focus on creation, not the underlying systems.  

Through a detailed evaluation of our clients' needs, we compare currently available technology, financial practicality, and scheduling to lay the groundwork for current and future expansion.  By taking a structured and innovative approach to systems and production pipeline design, we strive to ensure that the entire operation is working efficiently and to its fullest potential.


We aim to combine our experience, industry research, and pipeline design into a competitive, easy-to-use facility.  We oversee the execution of any project promptly and with accuracy, even under tight deadlines or emergency situations.  We make ourselves available to address any of our clients’ technical needs, keeping in mind the demanding schedules and security requirements of all industries.


We do many things.

Over the years, Untwist has worked on many projects that involve the merging of many disciplines. Untwist has provided the glue that binds each of these areas together to provide a sophisticated solution to our clients.  The vast majority of these projects we are unable to disclose, but here are a few.


Everything can now be completed in the Cloud.  If you have any Servers of Workstations, then they will be the last that you will ever own.  Untwist is deploying fully functional Cloud-based Post Production Pipelines. Shift CAPEX to OPEX.   


Available 24/7/365.  We provide support by customizing an on-site Managed Services maintenance plan for each of our clients.  These services include system upgrades and updates, data backup and recovery, data storage and management, network security, remote facility monitoring, as well as color calibration services.  Our maintenance plans keep client budgeting in mind, striving to avoid unexpected costs when systems issues arise.

If you already have staff IT and need to bring in the experts, Untwist can help.  We can work with your staff to implement larger projects or augment their day to day tasks.


Untwist provides Production Support services to Media and Entertainment companies.   This is not your normal IT type of support.  We offer full service support for all types of production pipelines, and we are available to work alongside the producers, editors, artists, designers and animators to assist in the completion of our clients projects.


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