About Us


Founded on a cool day in November of 1999, Untwist's mission is to help solve creative and technical problems, and help like-minded Creative People make the things they make.

Creating requires the right environment to flourish, and everything Untwist does is about supporting creative people.  We help solve the Hard Problems facing our customers by researching their issues, philosophies, methods, products, and infrastructure to understand their goals.  We then work to design, implement and support an efficient solution that fully addresses the client's needs, and enhances their productivity.

We also design and make fun and useful things.

If you have a problem, then please Contact Us!  We would love to hear from you. 


About Todd:

Todd is the Founder, President, and CEO of Untwist, Inc.  He is an artist, an entrepreneur, a consultant, a teacher, and he loves to travel.  If he won the lottery tomorrow, then he would donate lots to charity, travel, and make glass sculpture for the rest of his life.



In the garage testing out the custom built laser engraver.