We are very environmentally and socially conscious.  (We also get emotional sometimes.)

Living takes up resources.  Our survival depends on our community and the people we surround ourselves with.  Sometimes we are happy, and sometimes we are sad.  We have taken great care to explore what impact our products have on the environment and society.  We all have a great impact on the world we live in, and we strive to make sure that we recognize our impact, and work to minimize waste. 

In addition, we design the Untwist toys to last.  They are not made of cheap plastic that will quickly find its way into a landfill. 

Not a landfill toy. A legacy toy.™

The parts are sourced from factories in China, Germany, and the plastic components on the Untwist MINI are all 3D Printed in the USA with biodegradable PLA Plastic.  

ALL of the Untwist Toys are assembled by Todd in New York.