Assembled by Todd in the USA!

Yes!  This is true.  Each and every Untwist v1, and Untwist MINI has been personally assembled by Todd in New York in the garage!

Currently, parts are sourced from factories in China and Germany, and the plastic components on the Untwist MINI are all 3D Printed by Todd with biodegradable PLA Plastic in the USA.

With your help spreading the word about the Untwist Toys, it is my goal to scale up manufacturing in the USA.  Some of the assembly steps can be automated, but people will be needed to do much of the work. 

It is my goal to build out a factory to manufacture all components in the USA, and hire full-time staff.  Your support is needed to make this happen. 

Please Like, Share, Post lots of photos and videos, and tell your friends and family.  We greatly appreciated all of our customers, and we would not be here without you!