Prepare to be mesmerized!

A Unique Toy Like No Other

Introducing the new Untwist Toy

Made by Todd in New York

Designed and Assembled in the USA

The Untwist v1.0 and The Untwist MINI

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High Quality

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Not a Landfill Toy. A Legacy Toy.™

Assembled in the USA

Quality machined parts.

Stainless Steel and Machined Aluminum.

Made from USA and Imported Components.



The MINI has a fast Wheel for quick flicking.

Untwist me!


Rotate the toy to force the wheel from end to end.

Untwist me!


Flip the toy over.  The wheel will fall and spin.

Untwist me!


Toss the wheel back and forth.

Untwist me!

Stainless Steel

Threaded rods made from Stainless Steel.

Untwist me, NOW!

3D Printed PLA

Handles and Wheels on the MINI are  Environmentally Friendly PLA Plastic.

Untwist me!

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