How Marie Forleo ruined my life... (not really!)

I am totally screwed.  I now have even more work to do.  There has got to be a cliche that I could use here, but I can’t find one.  My stressed life is now worse than it was, and my only good news is that I have not yet reached rock bottom.   

So... at least there’s room for more failure.  

Ok.  I should explain myself.  

For the past 20 years I have worked as a Technology Consultant and Product Developer, and I always thought I had some reasonably good writing skills.  While researching marketing strategies to help bring some sales to my Struggling New Product I came across “The Copy Cure” from Marie Forleo and Laura Belgray.  After a personal shout out from Marie on a live show I begrudgingly signed up for the rather expensive course. I was “buying results”.

So… I finally completed the course, and the results are in.  My life has changed forever, and I am... freaking MISERABLE! I gotta go back and rewrite EVERYTHING.  Seriously. Everything. Everything I have ever written is garbage. My website copy is garbage. My video dialog is junk.  My print copy is pathetic. My case studies have to be redone from scratch. Everything has to be rewritten.  

I feel like I have to rewrite sent emails.  Have you ever wished you could rewrite a sent email?  Yeah. Well.  Newsflash: you can’t UNSEND an email from 3 months ago!

Results purchased.  I was ignorant and happy.  Now I am aware and miserable, and I have sooo much more work to do.  Bliss is ignorance… or something like that.

All joking aside.  Thank you Marie and Laura for teaching me HOW TO WRITE COPY.  You have given me more than I can possibly express. I feel like it’s gonna take a few years for me to figure it all out.  My head is still spinning.

The Copy Cure.  Yeah. Well. Shit.  Worth every penny.